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About us

Advellum Vegetable Eatery was created by Chef Michael Shaughnessy and his wife and business partner, Viorica Shaughnessy in the summer of 2020. Michael and Viorica met in the restaurant business and have many years of experience in the art of hospitality. Michael’s passion for cooking vegetables with respect and intention has been brought to life with Advellum Vegetable Eatery. We are located inside the new Malcolm Yards Food Hall in SE Minneapolis. Advellum —is a name that was created from the Latin words “adventum” and “elementum”, meaning Adventure and Element, two cornerstones of Michael’s cooking.

In the fall of 2020, the ownership group of the Market at Malcolm Yards approached Michael and Viorica to join the opening team of chefs and entrepreneurs. After numerous tastings and meetings, it was obvious to both sides that this partnership was worth exploring. After learning more about the vision of the entire group behind The Market at Malcolm Yards, Michael and Viorica said yes to be a part of the opening team. It was the genuine sense of community, curiosity, and collaboration of small businesses that swayed the decision to join the food hall movement with this extremely talented group. We are proud to be part of this team and we are extremely excited to share this experience with the twin cities.

"We try to create a sense of adventure for our guests by creating exciting combinations of flavor profiles that are unique only to Advellum. The feeling of unlocking that one-of-a-kind balance of all these elements fuels us to keep innovating.”
- Chef Michael Shaughnessy